audio connectorsYou’ve seen them… the cables with the highly polished connectors and oversized grips. The ones that cost maybe $50 or more for a simple 5 foot mic cable. They promise improved clarity and presence, lower distortion and better phase accuracy. Do you have any in your station? Can you tell the difference on the air?

I won’t debate whether the claims are valid. In the right listening environment, with the right kind of listeneing material, you may notice a difference by using the premium cables. There are lots of testimonials from happy users in privately owned recording studios.

I’m interested to know if these cables are in daily use in regular broadcast stations. What do you notice (and more importantly, what do your listeners notice) in the final program signal? Is it worth the extra cost?

What about HD radio… have any of you changed to higher-quality interconnect cables to squeeze every last ounce of improvement out of an HD installation?

I want to hear from you.

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