Last week, I spent a couple of days at the Infocomm convention in Las Vegas. Though it’s not broadcast show, it can be a great place to see new audio gear from manufacturers who did not show at NAB. Here are a few highlights:

New Digital Mixer – From Presonus!

Presonus created quite a stir at the show with their new Studiolive 16.4.2 digital mixing console. Featuring re-callable mixer and channel strip presets, on-board effects, a 22×18 Firewire computer recording interface, and a very aggressive price of $2395 MSRP, this little beast will surely become a “go-to” for production rooms and recording studios. Keep your eye on: It will likely be available late summer or early fall.

Denon Everything Player – DN-C620 

If you like Denon CD players (we do!), then you’ll love the DN-C620. Essentially, it’s a DN-C640 stripped down and more affordable. This rack-mounted single space unit has all the pro features you need for production or broadcast. Balanced outputs, digital outputs, slot-load, instant start, remote control options, and it will play both MP3 and .wav files. Coming soon.

 New Studio Mics From Audio Technica

The AT2035 and AT2050 are the newest additions to Audio Technica’s 20 series studio condenser microphones. Like the AT2020, and AT2021, these units offer unmatched bang-for-the-buck. The AT2035 sports an upgraded diaphragm, and low-noise electronics for exceptional LF response. It carries a MSRP of $249. The AT2050 is a dual-diaphragm unit with three switchable polar patterns: omni, cardioid, and figure-of-eight. It will list for $369. Both units come equipped the AT8458 full suspension shock-mount. Available late summer. 


 AKG C414’s new cousin: the C214

I have to admit to some lack of objectivity on this subject. I’m a huge C414 fan. I’ve been using them for a variety of voice and music applications for many years so I’d been anxious to hear the new “baby sister”, and I got my chance at the AKG booth. Admittedly, a tradeshow floor is not the ideal place to demo a mic, but AKG had a setup in the booth that allowed visitors to do A/B comparisons between the C214 and a current C414BXLII. Using this, one could at least get a general sense of the overall character of the mic: big, warm, and smooth. Lots of top end and very flattering for spoken word. It won’t replace your C414, but it will make a great addition to your collection. At $649 MSRP, its a bargain. Available now.

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