If you are using manufacturer forums to determine the best product to buy for your situation, the results you get may be rather limited.

Think of it this way… if you ask a microphone manufacturer about ambient noise issues in your studio, his “solution”will most likely be to buy one of his microphones. Because that’s what he has to sell… microphones. The actual solution to the problem may involve acoustic treatment and a voice processor. But the microphone guy won’t mention those, because he doesn’t have a voice processor to sell you. He only has microphones.

However, if you present the same situation to someone that carries a wide range of products and has lots of experience combining technologies to reach the goal, you stand a much better chance of finding the right combination of gear that will solve the problem.

BSW carries products from over 300 manufacturers. We have been around the block a few times. We understand how these things play together. We know their strong points, and their weaknesses. When you tell us your situation, we consider the “best” way to get it done, then look through our product family to select the appropriate components in each category. We aren’t stuck with just trying to fix every problem with items from a very limited menu of options… we have thousands of items that we can recommend.

Our sales team has decades of hands-on experience in broadcasting, podcasting, voice-over, live sound, and recording. We’ve got the chops. Bring us your situation.




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