For several decades, three dynamic microphones have dominated the radio studio…
3micsElectrovoice RE20, Shure SM7B, and Sennheiser MD421:

These mics deliver consistently high-quality sound, whether they are used with male or female voices, young or old, professional or beginner.

Dynamic mics are preferred in most radio studios because of their relative immunity to room noises, and their durability.

Some stations would like to have a slightly “brighter” sound, a bit more detail at the higher frequencies… more like a condenser mic would offer. But they stay with the dynamics for their other characteristics.

Now there are several “bright” dynamic studio mics to choose from. The use of neodymium magnets in the mics listed below give them a slightly higher output (typically about 4dB more than an average dynamic), and a significantly brighter, extended top end.

Here is a rundown of the most popular “hot, bright” studio dynamics:

Electrovoice RE27ND and RE320

re27 smre320 sm

These share the same “variable D” technology with the RE20, which minimizes proximity effect when the mic is worked very close. The RE27ND has more switches to help shape the sound.

AudioTechnica BP40 

bp40 sm

Full, rich bottom end, with a smooth, bright top.

Proximity effect doesn’t get out of hand when worked close.

Telefunken M82

m82 sm

High frequencies can be boosted or flat.

Massive bass boost when worked close… best left to experienced users.

Heil PR40

pr40 sm

A rise in the upper speech range makes the announcer’s voice more prominent. Exceptional side and rear rejection.


bcd1 sm

Well-behaved mic with a wide “sweet spot”.

Each one has its own personality, and will appeal to different circumstances.

A new, “brighter” sound from your on-air voices might be just what your station needs to set it apart from the competition.

“WWHHHH… WWHHHH… Is this thing on?”

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