Opoofne day, some critical piece of equipment is going to fail. Maybe an electric surge will wipe out a mixing board, or a microphone will be dropped. Maybe the computer will suffer a virus or hard-drive failure.

Have you thought about how you are going to get on the air when this happens?

A lot of folks try to get by with only one mixing board, hoping that there will never be a problem. Then when something fails, you are off the air until repairs can be made, or a new piece of gear can be ordered. Planning for the inevitable will minimize the disruption to your broadcast, and keep the listeners (and advertisers) happy.

For many small-to-medium size operations, a backup studio can be put together easily by using one of our Podcasting packages. These are simple, capable, and compact solutions. These are producing high quality work for many internet broadcasters. Think of some of the things you can do with the extra equipment:
– It can be a second place to do production while the main mixer is on the air.
– It can be your “newsroom”
– It can be be your “remote kit” to do broadcasts away from the main studio.

The Podcasting packages may not have every feature of a full-sized broadcast studio, but they can certainly be called on to serve as a temporary studio while repairs are made to the other gear.

Add some flexibility to your studio, and have a back-up plan. Call us.


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