AA009679What type of phone service do you have in your studio? Not too long ago, the answer was obvious… you would have had an analog telephone line with a touch-tone phone. But now, the odds are pretty good that your phone service might come from your cable TV provider, or that you only use a mobile phone (no “land line” at all).

This creates new challenges for putting a caller on the air. Fortunately, there are solutions for the new generation of telephone services.

If your phone service is from a cable company or internet service, determine if you can use an ordinary telephone with that service, or does it require a special phone? If it allows you to use an ordinary phone, then any of the POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) hybrids will work fine. If, however, you are required to use a “special” phone, it may have proprietary circuitry. In this case, use one of the PBX models discussed below.

Just to keep it simple, I’ll highlight products from a single manufacturer. JK Audio has a variety of telephone hybrid products that will connect your callers, no matter which type of phone connection you may have.

innkeeperltdBroadcast Host, Innkeeper1, and Innkeeper LTD are popular models for use with traditional POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) phone lines. Each has it’s own special set of unique features, but all will work fine on a conventional analog phone line.

pbx smallInternet-connected phones, or other proprietary types can usually be connected with the Innkeeper PBX or PBXport models. These connect between the phone unit and the handset cord. The Universal Host additionally includes a USB connection to your computer for Skype calls.

bluekeeper smallAnd for the “my-smart-phone-is-my-only-phone” folks, the BlueKeeper uses your wireless phone’s Bluetooth feature to make the connection.

These are solutions for a single caller. If you need a multi-line system, with 2 or more simultaneous callers, we have solutions for that, too.

The technology that you use to talk to callers is changing. We’ve got the gear to put those callers on the air.

Call us. We’ll direct you to the most appropriate products for your situation.


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