It takes many pieces of gear to make up a studio… mixing board, microphones, processors, telephone hybrid, codec, recording and playback gear… and more.

Each item comes with instructions (really, I’ve seen them). Problem is, the instructions will tell you how to get that one item running, but not how to make it “play nice” with everything else that’s connected to your system.

The folks that made the mixer don’t show you how to interconnect everything for a multi-caller talk show. And the hybrid maker doesn’t tell you about routing signals to interact with a codec. No one is quite sure how to monitor something in your headphones without being recorded.

It’s not really the manufacturers’ fault. With so many different types of equipment available, and the fact that every studio’s particular needs are unique, it’s nearly impossible to cover all the possibilities.

You need to talk to someone that has actually used this stuff in the way that you plan to use it. Music stores may not have knowledge of talk shows. On-line discounters may not even know what the product is, or what it does. You need to talk to a studio engineer or a broadcaster. Don’t know any? Well, you’re in luck…

BSW has supplied the radio broadcasting industry with professional equipment for over 40 years. Most of our sales staff have decades of hands-on experience using and configuring broadcast and pro audio gear. We know which pieces go where, and why.

Call or email us. Tell us what you want to accomplish. We’ll direct you to the products that can get the job done.


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