As you may or may not know, Steve Church, the founder of Telos Systems and the Telos Alliance passed away September 28th 2012 at the young age of 56.

His deep love of broadcasting was always the foundation that guided him to innovate revolutionary products to benefit broadcasters around the world. His obsession with improving the quality of broadcast audio was always the first “feature and benefit” found in every product he designed. The legacy he leaves is heard by most of us every time we turn on the radio. From his telephone interface products, audio processors, and audio networking products, Steve was truly the man with the gift capable of moving an industry in new exciting directions.

Each one of us probably knows someone who’s accomplishments are so profound yet their demeanor is so humble…that was Steve. It was with some trepidation that Steve agreed to a brief on-camera interview with BSW in 2010. Pull up a chair and watch…..

Steve Church was an amazing, gifted, brilliant man. He will be missed. Indeed.

To read more about Steve, here are some links you can go to…

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