Talk. That’s our specialty at BSW. Spoken voice. As in broadcast radio, voice-over, podcasting, and presentation. We’ve been providing solutions for broadcasters for nearly 40 years.

Most of our sales staff have been on the air (at the mic or at the controls) for decades.

Don’t get me wrong… our folks perform, mix, and record music too. But we know how to handle the spoken voice better than anyone.

We know why a $200 compressor may perform better for speech than a $2500 one.

We understand the difference between a phone patch and a talk-show phone system, and what it takes to make each one happen.

And microphones… we know that a mic that sounds terrific on a singer in a large recording studio may be completely wrong for speech in a small home studio.

Broadcast, voice-over and internet radio have very different needs. We can guide you to the best combination of equipment to get the job done with excellent audio quality, within your budget.

BSW is not a music store. We don’t sell instruments. We’re all about capturing the performance and delivering it to the listener, whether it’s a live venue or a radio broadcast.

We get it. We’ve got it. Call us. We’ll talk about talking.



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