You’ve got the sound of your announcers dialed in just right. You use the same model microphone in the on-air studio and in the production room, so the voice will have the same “sonic signature” wherever they do their work. Good thinking.

Many of the popular mic manufacturers have handheld models with similar characteristics as the larger studio versions. When your talent goes out in the field, their voice can retain the same “feel” as when they are in the studio.

For example… the popular Shure SM7B and the handheld SM58 match very nicely. Same with the Electrovoice RE20 studio mic and its little brother, the RE16 handheld. Sennheiser’s MD421 and MD46 have a distinct family resemblance. The AT2020 studio condensor’s capsule is also found in the AT2010 handheld condensor.

I’ve always felt that portable recorders should be used with an external handheld mic, not their internal ones. It gives you a convenient place to put your station’s mic flag. And it looks better than sticking a recorder with blinking lights in someone’s face.

Keep your sound signature consistent, even outside the studio.

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