Headsets for Remote Studios

We usually think of headsets with noise-cancelling mics as being just for Sportscasters. Let’s look a little deeper.

Broadcast headsets come in several varieties, with more uses than you may have considered. It’s time to think outside the Pressbox.

You may have a person that moves around when they talk. They just can’t stay in front of the studio mic.  A mic attached to their headphone would give them the freedom to roam.

For those times when the talent is working from home, a headset mic provides enough isolation that the sound isn’t colored by the imperfect acoustics of a home office.

Start with an excellent studio headphone, like a Sennheiser HD280 or an AKG K271MKII. Both industry standards. Great sounding, and comfortable for long listening sessions. Then add a pro microphone with just enough noise cancellation to keep things quiet (while delivering the voice at broadcast quality). An XLR mic plug and TRS ¼” headphone plug are pre-attached. As headsets, (with the mic installed) these are called HMD280 and HSC271.

Some of the sports headsets have mics that do a lot of noise cancellation. These can sound a bit constricted if used in a quiet setting. These aren’t the type we want to use for this discussion. There are several models with surprisingly “open” sounding mics. Throw in just a little bit of EQ, and no one will know that you’re not in the studio.

Here are some popular headsets that work very well as studio mic alternatives.

These have dynamic mics:
Sennheiser HMD280
Sennheiser HMD26-600-XQ
Beyer DT190
Beyer DT290
AudioTechnica BPHS1

And these have excellent condensor mics (phantom power required):
Sennheiser HME26-600-4-XQ

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