It used to be simple… if you wanted to have a live on-air conversation with someone who’s not in the studio, it was done on the telephone. No problem.

But now, your studio may have 2 or more telephone hybrids, a computer running a Skype connection, and maybe an ISDN or IP codec. Each of these conversations needs its own “mix-minus” feed from your console.

A few consoles provide one, or sometimes two, dedicated mix-minus feeds. And a small number of digital broadcast consoles have the ability to set up several independent mix-minus circuits, but what about the rest of us?

If you only need to add one mix-minus feed to accommodate your gear, Henry’s MIXMINUSPLUS can do the job. It compares the caller’s audio with the main program, and subtracts the caller from the mix (in much the same way as a karaoke mixer removes the lead singer from a stereo recording.)

For more ambitious operations, use the MIXMINUSBRIDGE by Comrex. It  creates 6 separate mix-minus feeds with independent level controls. The “bridge” is fed from the console’s Audition buss. Also, the audio from each codec or hybrid connects through the “bridge” on its way to the console’s input channel. Everybody can talk at once, and will hear each other clearly.

If you’ve got a lot of interactive audio feeds, these units are worth a look.

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