In this time of reduced station staff, it’s often difficult to have a live Board-Op available to push the buttons while you are out doing a telephone remote. You need a device that will let you do the remote by yourself.

The Broadcast Tools DC8PLUS and Circuitwerkes DR10 dial-up DTMF controllers have unique capabilities that let you do just that.

When you are ready to begin the broadcast, you place a phone call to the controller and enter your password. You’ll hear the program audio through the phone. When it’s time, press a single button on your phone’s keypad, and presto – bango… there you are, on the air. Regular program audio is interrupted, and your phone audio is patched through directly.

Load up the spots and liners on the automation computer before you go to the event. You can trigger them remotely with a single key press on the phone’s dial pad.

When you’re done, a different keypress puts the “regular” audio back on. Hang up the phone and go home.

DR10 even offers an installed option called the SILENCER that prevents the DTMF control tones from going out over the air. Slick.

Depending on which unit you use, you can effectively press 8 or 10 buttons back at the station. These can control anything you have wired up… select the next event on your automation system, start a recorder, start several individual playback machines, sound a buzzer at the station to wake up the intern… anything you want.

And beyond the usefulness in doing remote broadcasts, they also monitor status on up to 8 conditions. They can call several pre-determined phone numbers depending on the status that changed.

For example, an EAS alert after hours could cause the GM or Engineer to be called. If needed, he could dial in to the unit, and go on the air live with additional information for the listeners.

DR10 and DC8PLUS are versatile and extremely useful products. If you spend any time with the instruction manuals, you’ll think of several uses. Go ahead, download the manuals and see what you come up with:
DR10 manual

DC8PLUS manual

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