cablereelAny engineer that’s been around the block a few times knows dozens of ways to use a piece of equipment that the manufacturer never intended. Some long-time favorites are: dead mixer as a doorstop, and: dead portable recorder as a paperweight. But wait… there are even things you can do with the stuff that still works!

For example – say you’re doing a remote broadcast from the fair, and you’ve got to run speakers waaay over there. Even if you had that much wire with you, it’s inconvenient to run it where the public won’t trip over it.

You can use a wireless mic or in-ear monitor system to deliver the audio to the distant speakers. Popular manufacturers include Shure, Audio-Technica, Listen, Galaxy, and others.

as1000Most of these systems will transmit 150-200 feet easily. A beltpack or plug-on wireless mic transmitter can be connected to a spare output on your mixing board (Mackie outputs can be switched to mic level).

sharkfin antennaPut the receiver at the destination. If you need more range, use a directional antenna pointed back to the source.

Need to send a stereo signal across the way? No problem. Galaxy’s AS1000 system transmits full stereo. The receivers can output stereo, or a single channel (receiver at the left speaker just outputs left channel, right receiver outputs right).

Put as many receivers around as needed. They’ll all pick up the audio. Gee, it’s almost like… radio!

I spoke to an engineer today that wants wireless stereo for his remotes, because he’s not looking forward to cleaning the “rodeo residue” from all of the cables when the event is over. Can’t say that I blame him!

Here are some links:
In-ear monitor systems.
Plug-on and beltpack wireless mic systems.

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