So, admittedly, I  have HD buyers remorse.

I purchased the HD Radio option in my BMW-X5 in January 2008. (I have commented in the past regarding this experience). But I must say after having paid for and using this option I kinda secretly wish I could get my money back. And here’s why. The HD  audio signal can’t seem to find my car.

Here in the Seattle-Tacoma area we have one AM and ten or so HD stations on FM.  After a year of trying to listen to the HD signal, I’m now conditioned expect the HD signal constantly pop in and out just like mono/stereo signal in my old 1970’s FM converter box. Oh for the days of my 1964 Chevy Impala,  AM Radio and a FM Converter box. Good times,  good times…but I digress.

The HD kicks in and out alot. If I happen to tune into a HD2 signal then the “no commercial HD2 Crawdaddy Blues format” just mutes. And Mutes. And Mutes some more. You get the mute point.

I assume more transmitting power on the HD signal would go a long way in improving this. So why not just crank up the HD output power? Probably a zillion reasons why not. But speaking as a citizen here in publicville I feel gypped. And I really don’t care what the technical reasons are…I just want HD to work. So..FIX IT.

Didn’t realize I was so grumpy. Maybe, I should just go look for a 1964 Impala on Craigs List to feel better.

3 thoughts

  1. You should try broadcasting in – and attempting to market – HD Radio in the Blue Ridge Mountains! Oy! Fix it? It’s going to take more than an increase in power to save HD.

  2. Tim, cool your jets; you have no need to gripe. Consider the poor station owner who spent 5 to 10 times the price of your X5 to turn on HD Radio. Those are the people who have reason to ask for their money back.

  3. And then there’s those engineer’s who see the sudden abundance of HD channels available means they get to run their own private radio station on the side with music they like. Here in my area, there’s a classic oldies station on the second HD channel of a hip-hop station.

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