bsw_re27popIt’s that time when it seems everybody’s coughing and sneezing. You do your best to avoid contact with any “toxic substances” that may be in the air or on your work surfaces. But what about the studio mics?

Here in the US, on-air folks tend to nuzzle up close to the foam windscreen. Many people work with their lips or nose actually touching the foam. This is more “sharing” than most of us really need.

So out comes the can of spray disinfectant, and the foam windscreen gets a good soaking every now and then . This is not good for the foam. Not good for the mic. Just not really good at all.

raxx_pomtA better solution is to use a screen-type pop filter. They are equally effective at preventing plosives, and they don’t attenuate high frequencies (as foam filters can.)

Many pop filters use a nylon mesh screen. While these do a good job, they are not convenient to keep clean.

However, metal screens can be easily treated with those pop-up disinfectant wipes.

BSW’s REPOP and RE27POP use metal screens. They fit RE20, RE27, Heil PR40, and Rode Procaster. Raxxess’ POMT-ST is a general-purpose metal screen that can be used with most any stand-mounted mic.

Better blow your nose… you’re on in 15 seconds.

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