I have been a “radio guy” for most of my years and must truthfully admit I’ve had a difficult time accepting Internet Radio as “Real Radio”. I mean, come on, where’s the transmitter and the tower?

Despite my personal reluctance, the public is embracing web radio. The younger demographic crowd has been listening to web radio  for years. Now, even grandma can listen to her radio station from the “old country” and granny doesn’t need a shortwave radio to do so. A Wi-Fi Radio and a data line will suffice nicely.

Internet broadcasters don’t need a license or a 500,000 watt blowtorch transmitter to spread the word and entertainment to millions. In the internet broadcasters world, a transmitter and tower are  “a large server and a big pipe”.

For the interested listener, Internet Radio permits another form of  DXing.  The world is at your fingertips with a simple turn of a knob. Must be similar to how shortwave radio felt to the public in the 1920’s.

I have to admit, Wi-Fi Radios are very, very appealing…even to this old radio mutt. I’m going to buy one for our kitchen. It will have AM/FM however. Nothing beats local…even with the world at your fingertips.

3 thoughts

  1. WiFi radio is a more like “real radio” than traditional radio, at least these days. Remember the mom and pop station? Remember the days of one DJ to one station at a time? How about DJs running their own consoles, or programming their own music? I’d be curious to hear how you compare radio in the CC and deregulated era to internet radio.

  2. Hi guys and gals. Just thought I would comment here as well. I agree internet radio is a different animal than was radio with a transmitter. I have built a few studios and radio stations. I have never really warmed up to the notion that the FCC should regulate internet radio or internet data of any kind for that matter. I am delighted however to see the age of digital ushered in to broadcast. I indeed run my own stations, some are all digital and some even have analog transmitters instead of WiFi as their output. I also feel that the digital age of radio is here and offers a much larger audience that does an analog transmitter. The smart corporate backed broadcasters (and they all are these days) are going digital delivery or WiFi and they should. As a consumer, I love having more choices. Enjoy your new kitchen radio, Tim.

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