Mike Uhl from Telos/Omnia came by recently and took everyone in the sales department to an indoor go-karting place. I’m not going to post any official lap times but we think Mike must have been there practicing earlier in the day because he kicked our collective butt. There were no major injuries (except to our pride) but we did have one blown tire and several hair raising spinouts (and a couple of us enjoyed Close Encounters Of The Retaining Wall Kind). A good time was had by all!

Oh yeah….he also trained us on the new Omnia One processor.

This is one sweet unit. It takes up just a single rack space and comes in FM, AM or Multicast configurations. One of the coolest things about the Omnia One is that if you need to change its original configuration to another one (AM to FM or Multi or whatever) all you have to do is download the appropriate software at no charge from Omnia’s website and presto, you have a new box. Great for use as a backup when you have several stations. And the sound quality of the Omnia One is second to none. 

Omnia One. Second to None. Sounds like a race result!

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