Apogee’s Dave Casey visited us recently to give us some training on their product line. He also stared me down and beat me two out of three in our traditional thumb wrestling match after his presentation (see photo), but I’ll get you next time, Dave!

It’s hard to decide what’s more impressive about the Apogee Duet: its elegant, eye-catching design, or its amazing sound quality. For those of you who do audio recording on a Mac, especially when traveling away from your home base, you really owe it to yourself to check this portable wonder out. It gives you two channels of ultra-high quality input and output, two superb preamps, impeccable AD conversion and super fast FireWire connectivity. But the neatest thing of all in my opinion is its one large multi-function control knob. So simple. So easy. So cute.

2 thoughts

  1. I agree, it’s also an amazing value. All I want to know is: when do the dang Windows (and linux) drivers come out, so I can start recommending it to the other 93% of computer users?

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