Comrex ACCESS Portable

Have you ever had one of those glorious restaurant experiences where the waiter anticipates your every need, refilling your water glass as you are about to reach for it, replenishing the bread supply seconds before your stomach starts to rumble, performing a leisurely drive-by with the dessert cart (or an extra quick one for you dieters out there!)? Proactive fullfillment of a customer’s wishes, especially ones he hasn’t even thought of yet, is an all too rare thing these days. Luckily, our friends at Comrex are attentive as usual.

Comrex’s Chris Crump came calling last week to explain the ins and outs of the nifty BRIC Traversal Server (BRIC TS). It makes connecting a station’s ACCESS codecs incredibly simple, without having to worry about IP network firewalls or Private Local Area Networks. Maintained by Comrex, the BRIC TS keeps track of all your ACCESS codecs no matter where they are on the public Internet. You simply log on, create an account and list all your units. When they are enabled and connected to the Internet, they all sync up, showing connection status, IP address and availability. Just select the codec you want to connect to, and hit the “Connect” button! Easy as pie (still thinking about that dessert cart) and twice as satisfying! 

Pssst….we have a special going on right now at BSW through 9/30/08: when you buy an ACCESS Portable or an ACCESS Rackmount you get two FREE BRIC TS license fees-a $500 value! Now that’s what I call service!!

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