The Sun

Things certainly get hot around here in the summer. Lots of folks have been stopping by to show us their sizzling new products.

Steve Dinkel from Burk popped in recently with the Plus-X AC-8, a nifty remote outlet controller (and a 2008 Radio Mag Pick Hit winner). Engineers can put it up at the transmitter and control it via Ethernet connection, so they no longer have to drive all the way up to the transmitter when equipment needs a power cycle. They can do it from the comfort of their own air-conditioned office!

Ed, our local Olympus rep stopped by to show us the LS-10, a linear PCM recorder. Very nice unit. With a sleek aluminum body, it has a real solid feel to it. Besides its great built-in microphones, it offers enough gain to run a handheld dynamic if you would rather do that. It also boasts a built-in stereo speaker, a big screen that is easy to see, and straightforward, no-nonsense controls.

Well, I’m off to go swim a few laps in the company pool (OK, all we really have is a sprinkler out back, but it does the trick). Stay cool!

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