Neither did I. And if you did indeed know what a Blumlein Pair is, go to the head of the class and tell us about the other 128 Patents Alan Blumlein has, Mr. Smarty Pants.

Mr. Blumlein was an amazing engineer who’s life-span was very brief (1903-1942) Recording, Television, and Radar were his fields of expertise. Read about his life here

A Blumlein Pair is a preferred way to record stereo performances with two microphones. The technique is one we all should know next time you get called out to broadcast or record the local Symphony with 20 minutes notice. Go to this link, print it out, and place it in your mic locker for safekeeping. Blumlein Pair on Wikipedia

2 thoughts

  1. I gotta say until I read this post I had no idea. And I use stereo miking all the time. Thanks for an informative post. Now… off to read about the other 128 patents…

  2. I have had superb results using a pair of AKG C414s in a Blumlein configuration.
    I think the reason why they are not more widely used is the exact reason why they capture ambience so well: the space becomes part of the recording, and engineers have gotten used to close miking with cardiod patterns, which gives a certain amount of immunity to hall pickup. What this means is that you have to take more time before recording arranging the positioning of the instrument being recorded to acoustically balance the near and far field pickup.
    IMHO it is well worth the effort, the imaging can be startlingly great!

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