My vinyl record collection is dwindling every year. I have no idea where my albums are going but I suspect my wife is defragging shelf space similar to the way a computer defrags a hard drive. Still, it has always been my intention to move my favorite records out of the analog realm to the…’gasp’…computer. My Numark USB turntable is perfect for the job. It interfaces with the computer via the USB connection easily.

Committing the time and effort into actually doing this chore is another matter altogether.

Integrating past music format (LP’s and 45’s) with current storage technology has it’s benefits and downfalls. While I’m dubbing the records into the computer, it’s cool being able to gaze once again at the large size album art, reading about the producer, band, songwriters, musicians, and noting the instruments used on the various tracks. I used to have all this info memorized with every album I owned.  Sadly, I don’t see that information anymore when I’m downloading songs from I-Tunes. My attitude…”Just gimme the song so I can move on. I got other stuff to do”. (Or so I tell myself)

The album spins @ 33 1/3 rpm…painstakingly SLOW in real time. My hard drive spins @ 7200 rpm converting the vinyl grooves into 1’s and 0’s very, very, fast. After about 2 minutes of this analog to digital, I walk away only to return 35 minutes later to a click/click/click/click of a needle at the end of the groove. Over and over. Round and round. Recorded in perfect digital. Doh.

Real time was once tolerable, it’s all we had. Now it is just slow. A 20 minute album side should only take about 1-2 minutes to download right? The other 18 minutes is time well spent for other things.

No wonder we are all stressed out. I’m sounding like Lewis Black. Let’s all take an Album Break shall we?

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