It’s amazing what all the audio geniuses out there keep coming up with. Not too long ago scratchy vinyl LPs were only good for skeet shooting, and if an audio file you needed to use was corrupted, you had to go back and start from scratch (pun sort of intended). But now it’s never been easier to clean up problem audio.

Last Friday, iZotope’s Matt Frazier, along with his always welcome care package of orange juice and muffins (are some of you other reps reading this?), stopped in to show us his cool sound restoration software, RX.

RX really blew us away. Truly versatile, it’s compatible with Mac or PC and works in stand-alone mode or with any of the major DAWs. It has spectral repair for when a piece of audio is missing, a declipper and a really neat denoiser, to name just a few of its features. He played us a dinner theatre recording full of coughs and clinking dishes, and in less than two minutes he and RX wiped all those noises away. Pretty darn impressive! Last but not least, RX gives you a Spectra graph image to work with as well as the wave form, so you can really get into the nitty-gritty. There’s a great video of it in action on iZotope’s website. Pour a glass of juice, munch on a muffin, and check it out!

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