There is an alternative to the 309A shock mount that ElectroVoice offers for the RE20 mic. Why would anyone want an alternative?

Many stations now have live webcams in the studio, and the 309A is kinda large. Also, the E-V suspension cords have a habit of breaking more frequently than I think they should.

The HEIL-SM2 shock mount, intended for their PR40 and PR30 models, works very well with the E-V RE20 and RE27 mics (with just a little tweaking). The E-V mics have a small nub on the portion of the shaft that fits into the E-V shock mount. When using the Heil shock mount, simply reverse the direction of the compression collar that squeezes the mic shaft. Now the RE20’s “nub” has a place to fit.

The SM2 shock mount comes in black or champagne color (champagne matches the RE27 very well). It also has a small block that can hold your station logo (if you need a little bit larger area, you can put a mic flag on it).

You’re welcome.

2 thoughts

  1. I too have an SM2 shockmount (just purchased) a Heil PR40 and an EV-RE20. I can’t remove the plastic compression colar from the SM2 to reverse it. Is there a trick to this? Thanks

  2. The compression collar is designed to snap into place, but I don’t think they thought much about removing it. It’s a fairly snug fit. The 4 “tabs” that make up the collar need to be brought toward the center of the space at the same time, making their total diameter smaller. Then the ridges that hold them in place will clear the matching ridges around the inner surface of the shaft. With only a little bit of cussing, the collar should come free and slide out. Turn the collar around the other way, and pop it back into the shaft.

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