One of the things that breaks up the monotony around here (Tim, if you’re reading this I mean the monotony of fully enjoying my job) is the training sessions we get from visiting manufacturer reps. They are always popping in to show us the ins and outs of their latest gear so we can be on top of any questions our customers might throw our way.


Last week, Andy Teipen from Auralex came by.  Auralex is a leader in acoustical room treatments, always innovating to deliver affordable and effective solutions for just about any acoustical problem a studio might face. In our business, sound is everything, and Auralex goes above and beyond the call of duty to help its customers get the truest sound possible.


Andy told us about a neat service is company is offering: Free personalized room analysis! Just go their website and download their room analysis form. Fill in the details of your room such as dimensions, wall, ceiling and floor surface types, furniture arrangement, monitors you’re using etc., and write down the problems you’re having or the sound you’re looking for. They even give you a graph to sketch out your room layout. Send the form off to them and they’ll build a computer model of your room, analyze it, and get back to you quickly with their recommendations. All at absolutely no charge. That’s what I call going above and beyond the call of duty!


Another neat thing about Auralex: Their Studiofoam is largely made from renewable soy to reduce petroleum-based chemical usage by as much as 60%! It works like a charm, and I think we can all agree that the less gas guzzling we do, the better!

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