There’s been a lot of public discussion recently regarding CAP and EAS.  In fact, there was summit held yesterday (May 19) at the FCC offices in Washington DC on this subject. If you’re so inclined, you can watch the entire proceedings here: (RealPlayer required – it’s about 3.5 hours long.)

Put aside, for a moment, the substantive technical and coordination issues yet to be resolved.  Put aside the fact that a change of administration is coming up. Put aside the vagaries of policy-making time-lines, and the difficulties of rolling out large-scale projects of this scale. Let’s have some good-old fashioned seat of the pants guesswork.

Do any of you care to publicly offer your opinion as to the date on which the FEMA will issue it’s much anticipated directive regarding the EAS system upgrade?


2 thoughts

  1. After the election, and after confirmation of new FEMA head.

    Late 2009 or early 2010.

    Since this appears to be an internet -based system, I’ll give it three months before some kid in Norway figures out how to hack into it.

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