You may have heard that BSW has just become a ProTools HD dealer. You know Pro Tools HD: The Most Popular Professional Computer-Based Recording System Ever.   

You can probably tell I’m excited. Pro Tools HD is used for countless music recordings, jingles, spots, films, TV shows, and just about everything else audio you can think of. In this blog post it’s simply not possible to cover all of the details of the features, plug-ins, tips and tricks that Pro Tools HD offers. I’m not going to even try. Rather, I’d like to point out some very compelling broader aspects of Pro Tools HD ownership that (we think) make Pro Tools HD a particularly excellent system for radio stations:

1. Pro Tools HD is the worldwide industry standard audio production platform. So what? Who cares whether it’s popular or not? You should. a) All of your session files will be compatible with every other Pro Tools based studio on the planet – and there are a lot of Pro Tools based studios on this planet. b) Need to hire a production engineer? The vast majority of working studio engineers in any market are Pro Tools HD fluent. Stations will have no trouble finding qualified production personnel.

2. Dedicated DSP ensures a fast, efficient, and rock-solid production environment. Pro Tools HD processing engine and it’s related TDM plug-ins run on the DSP array located on the Pro Tools HD Core and Accel cards. It does not run on your computer’s CPU, and therefore it does not share DSP hardware resources with any other software running on your computer. This means you get the kind of reliable, low-latency, glitch-free operation you need to produce broadcast quality audio materials.

3. Pro Tools HD supports a staggering range of processing, music creation, metering, and audio restoration plug-ins. Everything from meticulously crafted software versions of classic hardware tube compressors and equalizers (think: Fairchild, Neve, API etc) to warped special effects processors that are distinctly other-worldly. While Digidesign directly offers a variety of plug-in bundles, there are also a large group of third-party developers (such as: Eventide, Waves, Focusrite to name a few) that provide compatible plug-ins. With this vast range of creative tools you can truly create a unique and c sound for your station’s productions.

4. Unparalleled hardware integration. Though many tend to focus on nifty software tricks (and Pro Tools HD has plenty of those) Digidesign has also been working for years to provide great hardware. Check out the C-24 Control Surface:

The 192IO:

And the 8 ch. Mic Preamp:


These are just a few of the I/O and control surfaces available. Every last one of them works as seamless extension of the software, making it just that much easier to setup and operate. (and of course there are pre-wired cable harnesses to suit most needs)


In summary, this a system that, in addition to being a powerhouse at the feature and detail level, does an astounding job of addressing the larger operational concerns of professional production facilities. Digidesign clearly deserves their status as an industry leader and we’re proud to be on board.



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