Okay, so this isn’t really a broadcasty post. Broadcast Engineers can have other things to be interested in right? No? Get Out…or actully, Get In…your comfortable recliner that is and watch these two great movies…

1.  Les Paul, Chasing Sound. Les PaulThis was part of “The American Masters” PBS Documentary. I do not possess the writing skills to adequately express how much the music AND broadcast industry owes to this man for his inventions regarding multi-track recording. So, I’ll just let the people on the film do that. I’ll give you some friendly advice however, stop reading this right now, go to the Amazon link and just BUY the movie. After you watch it, find the closest multi-track recorder or solid body electric guitar…and bow to it in reverence to Les Paul for making IT possible. BTW, Les still preforms every Monday at the Iridium Club in New York for 2 shows. Go see him if you are in town. Tell him Tim sent you.

2. Tom Dowd, The Language of MusicTom Dowd

This one time Physics Wizard who was involved in the Manhattan Project was also the engineering brains behind Atlantic Records. Rarely have I seen a documentary so captivating showing what an engineer meant to creating hundreds of hit records…(also as a  producer). Tom Dowd was a priceless individual who thankfully had his amazing life documented and lovingly remembered by many famous engineers, producers, and artists who worked with him.

Watch em’ both, Tell me what YOU think !

One thought

  1. On Tim’s recommendation, I watched this disc last fall. (It is available from Netflix, BTW) I was fascinated by the stories Tom Dowd told about the artists he worked with – especially his description of the session where Layla (Eric Clapton, Derek and the Dominos) was recorded. Mr Clapton himself spends quite a bit of time in front of the camera looking and sounding a bit disheveled. I strongly recommend this disc.

    For those of you that enjoy this disc, I recommend a visit to: http://www.wolfgangsvault.com This site houses an astounding collection of live concert recordings from hundreds (literally) of international pop, rock, jazz, blues, R&B, reggae artists. It’s hosted by Bill Graham presents and is free of charge. The detail of the archiving makes browsing the “stacks” like taking a course in rock history. For instance, you can listen to recordings of all four of the shows that David Bowie played at the Montreal Forum on July 12-13 1983. As a very avid concert-goer in the mid-70’s to mid- 80’s it’s a real delight to find recordings from tours that I’ve actually seen. Enjoy!

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