I don’t know how many of you are up to speed on “tagging”. I just woke up to this technology courtesy of Allen Hartle, at Jump2Go. Maybe it’s information overload or just old age, but I didn’t really grasp this technology. I hope you are not like me. If you are, my condolences and I’ll have Allen call you.Tagging is the capability for your listener to flag songs to their IPod when they hear a song they like being broadcast on your station. Their IPod stores these song tags in IPod memory until they next dock their IPod with ITunes. The IPod user is now able to download these songs directly from the ITunes store to their computer at 99 cents for each song download. A five percent commission goes to your Radio Station for each download. Pretty cool. Every HD Station should implement this technology. (Word has it tagging may actually work on non-HD FM stations with the right equipment).

There is a excellent article written by Leslie Stimson of Radio World that explains tagging in detail.

To see a radio with tagging, check out this link. Sorry, at this time we do not sell this unit but many consumer retailers do.

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