While the price of cars, gas, food etc…are going thru the roof …what has come DOWN in price steadily over the years is….(drum roll please)……Broadcast Consoles. It doesn’t really matter what price class of consoles either…they are all an incredible value. Gary’s blog post talks about consoles for the smaller market stations but I would like to point out how much bang-for-the-buck is available on the high end as well. The Wheatstone Evolution Series is absolutely amazing, fully loaded and fully featured for under 30K. (24 channels btw…!!!!!)

I guess it is going to be a fact of life that most things continually go up in price…but is it my impression that while engineering budgets have been shrinking… fortunately the price of some of the replacement gear has been shrinking as well. 

Agree ? Disagree? What’s your Opinion?


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