For the first time in 25 years…I stayed home. Not because of the “recession”…for me, I simply needed a break from tradeshows. Las Vegas in April has been my mainstay since I was a young pup in the broadcast industry. I thought the industry needed a break from me..and I from it.

As a NAB bystander , I noticed that there is definite disconnect by not going to the show. Nothing really makes up for a genuine industry ‘mash-up’. Tangibility (is that a word?) seriously lacks when ALL the senses are ignored. I indeed feel sad especially for the engineers who desperately need to connect via see/hear/touch the gear they have to specify, purchase, install, and ultimately maintain…but sadly don’t get to go to the show.

So, I made a decision that will make me at least feel less sad. In 2009, BSW will pay for a Radio Station Engineer who doesn’t get to go to the show at our expense. We’ll pay for the travel, hotel, meals, the works. One person is going to be very lucky indeed. 

Stand by for details on how to enter for our free trip to the 2009 NAB.

_Tim Schwieger

One thought

  1. Tim:

    NAB can be overwhelming, confusing and fun. Kinda like a child who had too much sugar but you can’t beat it for hands-on demos and information from the manufacturers.

    I applaud your idea to sponsor an engineer. Very cool.

    Mark Braunstein
    Owner/Founder Markertek

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